Introduction Nemeabank news

Introduction Nemeabank news

This website is created after the news about nemea bank reached us. We are business and private bankaccount holders at Nemeabank. For this reason we initiated this website. We want to provide an open platform as a source of information and practical matters. As no single person at Nemeabank, ECB and MSFA can or is willing to share information, we feel there is a need to gather, share and update the information, which is available. We will try to keep this website up to date as much as we can, but we also ask you to give imput so the website can act as a source of information; while the institutions are not willing to inform us.

Our goal:

  • Gather information;
  • Share information;
  • Gain information;
  • Exploring options for joint actions.

What we do know:

Not that much yet. All account holders are being kept in the dark and only very limited information is being provided at this moment. We will place more details in this list when time passes and we have more relevant information. Please feel free to use the comments section when you feel key info is missing, so we can update this page for you.

  • A number of serious regulatory shortcomings have been identified at Nemea Bank
  • therefor the bank has been put in administration, on April 26.
  • From that moment on accountholders may only withdrawal 250.00 euro a day. All funds / savings are in lockdown.
  • there is a guarantee for 100.000 euro per account, when nemea bank will not survive. All amounts over this, will be most likely “waived”
  • all incoming funds to your accounts will be send back to the sender (according to the bank)


What we don’t know:

There are some key questions we feel we would need answers on shortly. But on this moment, no one seems to be willing or able to respond to these key questions. When you do have answers to the questions, based on facts, please inform us as well, so we can keep the statuses up to date.

  • How can business accounts pay the salaries of their staff, when all funds are locked?
  • How can businesses survive, when they receive a haircut for all amounts over 100.000 euro?
  • How can accountholders pay their bills ( rent, electra, etc) when all funds are locked?
  • How is it possible, that their is acceptance to lock down a financial healthy bank, which implicates a haircut for so many clients?
  • How is it possible, issues / concerns have been there for over 12 months and autorities did not act upon it?
  • When will our (partial) funds be availble again?
  • How can a person / company work without working capital?
  • How many companies will go bankrupt because of this?
  • How many individuals will  get in to financial trouble because of this?

* do you have pressing questions? Leave them in the comment line!

What you can do:

We have tried to contact NemeaBank, MFSA, and the ECB. No one is willing to share any useful information. The only thing they will do is take your name and your number, and make the false promises they will call you back. Of course you will not hear from them. What you can do is reading this website, and check in regulary. We will share the news and knowledge about this matter we gained, and we are also in contact with our lawyers to find our, if and how we can take action against this. The more people / companies / accountholders will join is, the bigger the chances for success. On this moment we would like to gather information about entities / individuals who are being damaged by the actions which the Nemea bank is undertaking. So we can make an inventory of interest in a joint approach for: a. getting the control over our funds back; b. strong objectives against a possible “haircut”; c. compensation / civil procedures against arised damages; d. procedures against the responsible persons.

On this page, you can leave your details (please note: we will not do anything with your data; there is no obligation or strings attached). All questions asked or not mandatory; but we do want to know your interest in eventual joined approaches.

External sources

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